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We are strong in video and video marketing and by merging video ads, marketing and SEO into one format. We are able to achieve first page rankings for our clients on Google for over a year, without paying any monthly or any ongoing fees. Your running on Auto-Pilot and can spend your budget in other areas of your business or to enhance your current online presence.

We produce info-graphic videos, whiteboard animation, typographic (text) and commentator or spokes person videos. Voicemail us and receive live Video/SEO proof. Let’s face it videos command every-ones attention and are tremendous eye-catchers next to just links and images. Google is well aware of this and embraces video more than keywords or old school SEO… which still work but only over time.

SEO is not a specific service we offer. You can pay tens of thousands of dollars for SEO “optimization” with no guarantee of results, and we’re not ones to cash in on such shenanigans. However, do know that your new site will be built to current web standards and with SEO in mind; no part of the design will impede your SEO potential.

WordPress on it’s own is a very SEO friendly platform. By simply producing quality content, establishing external links and credibility, with some time and patience you will get indexed. But if you want additional SEO considerations, we can install a plugin to give you additional meta fields (keywords, description, etc) for your posts. Our recipe for functionality by default is set to Google’s current recipe standards, and includes the basic code necessary to have your website indexed.

We also can provide you with valuable resources and partners to more in-depth seo strategy experts and information if you’d like to take it further, but this is not required to get up & running. SERPS or seach engine results pages is seo for the long-term and the long haul and takes time, testing and research a well worthy task. But it’s also where your budget is taking a monthly hit, with viable results, a risky under-taking. But imagine while all this is taking place. Our Video/SEO will land your website on the 1st page of Google in as little as 48 hours with all your contact information and offer present. And doesn’t like video?

Were sure you can understand the advantage of positioning yourself where all that’s left. Is making sure your value proposition is in place, tested and proven to convert… and your all set.


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