Our Process

Great design doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a two-way process that involves constant communication between designer and client. Our proven process produces consistent, quality results each and every time. For startups & start-overs remember the 12 rules as touted by Mark Cuban:

The inspiration phase is one of the most important, as it allows us to see more clearly what makes you tick. Be prepared to answer
questions about your business, demographics, likes/dislikes, design preferences, and more. Yes, we want to know your favorite color,
but we also want to know the design aesthetic you are drawn to, and that fits with the overall vision of your blog or business.

Step 2: Create.

Once the concept and goals of the project are firmly defined, the creative process begins. We will design the overall look and structure
of your website or project, and provide you with a set of static prototypes for approval. At this point you have an opportunity to
provide feedback and request changes. We’ll take your comments into consideration and revise the design accordingly. We typically
go through up to three rounds of revisions before we arrive at the final design.

Step 3: Develop.

After you have approved the prototypes, we begin to build your website. HTML, CSS, and PHP, oh my! There’s not a lot for you to
do during this phase (which can take a few weeks), so take the time to make sure all your website content and imagery is in order. For
eCommerce sites, we may provide you with access to the shopping cart admin so you can begin to input your product information.

Step 4: Launch.

Ready? Set? Go! Depending on the type of project and the setup and configuration of your existing site (if you have one), launching
your site can be as simple as removing the temporary landing page. There may be some downtime when transitioning from an existing
website, but we’ll work with you to make sure this downtime is minimal.



New Websites & Site Make-Overs

Goodbye, ‘good enough’. Hello, beautiful. We have a core team of web designers/developers along with a network worldwide.
We can provide a website make-over that tremendously cuts your cost in half and more over time. New website designs are
unique because we can research your market and test your local community first. Then provide call-to-action techniques for
better search engine marketing and advertising and ranking.  Always adhering to Googles stringent standards.


Videos & Video Apps

We are strong in video and video marketing and by merging both video and SEO into one format. We are able to achieve first
page rankings for our clients on Google for over a year, without paying any monthly or any ongoing fees. Your running on
Auto-Pilot and can spend your budget in other areas of your business or to enhance your current online presence.
We produce info-graphic videos, whiteboard animation, typographic (text) and commentator or spokes person videos.
Contact us and receive a live Video/SEO proof. Let’s face it videos command every-ones attention and are tremendous eye-catchers next to just links and images. Google is well aware of this and embraces video more than keywords or old school SEO… which still work but only over time.


Mobile Websites & Mobile Apps

Our Mobile marketing platforms and techniques for mobile website design, APPS, video apps and mobile seo and truly cost effective.
We take the time to first educate our clients before they accept our service. Smartphones have taken the search engine lead and it’s foolish not to incorporate this platform into your business. Social media apps from shopping, reservations, games to advertising are a sure way of turning visitors into customers. Although the cost to have & maintain a mobile platform can break the bank.

We know the difference and cost btw APPS & mobile websites as it pertains to your market. Plus we are aware of Google’s new mobile search engine. Receiving Google verification and the advertising label ranks you ahead of your competitors.


Media Graphics – Brochures – Flyers – Bus.Cards you name it…

We are fine turned in graphics utilizing Photoshop. Illustrator. After Effects. Red5.Corel.DP animators.PhotoDex the list goes on.
So weather it’s a brochure, Twitter – FB header, banner ads,mobile ads or info-graphic displays… we happy to help and keep all your online business needs in house. Even offline design needs we can have printer ready without having to order huge quantities.
Please view our portfolio page and click Media Graphics.

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