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Our Mobile marketing platforms and techniques for mobile website design, APPS, video apps and mobile seo and truly cost effective. We take the time to first educate our clients before they accept our service. Smartphones have taken the search engine lead and it’s foolish not to incorporate this platform into your business. Social media apps from shopping, reservations, games to advertising are a sure way of turning visitors into customers.


Although the cost to have & maintain a mobile platform can break the bank. We know the difference and cost between APPS & mobile websites as it pertains to your market. Plus we are aware of Google’s new mobile search engine. Receiving Google verification and the advertising label ranks you ahead of your competitors.
With the growing prevalence of web-ready mobile devices, you want to be sure your site can be accessed and is functional on these
devices. We build all our sites in such a way that they’ll be perfectly functional on mobile devices. We do not utilize Flash or any
other technology that would cause problems. Your site will appear exactly as it does on any modern computer.


Some people, however, want a site further optimized for mobile devices. There are methods that make it is possible to create a
‘responsive’ site that will change depending on the device and the size of the screen on which it is viewed. For example, the sidebar
will move so that the posts can be larger and fill up the screen, to reduce the need for a manual zoom.


Do note that this is a new area for us and we are just beginning to explore the possibilities. Mobile optimization can be very time
consuming and costly to fully and completely optimize a site for mobile devices, so it’s probably not something that the majority of
you will deem necessary, but it is something we are willing to explore.


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